Face Lift

Saftey concerns prompt office renovation


Students who entered the office at the beginning of the school year noticed a significant change in the layout. Renovations that took place over the summer to the main office took some by surprise.

“I like the changes. It is easier to see people who come into the building, so people can’t randomly wander in,” said Secretary Pam Minton.

Not only do the changes provide a more enjoyable space to be in, but it also fixes some concerns about safety. The door lock provides a security deterrant to keep unwanted individuals out of the building, and the window in Minton’s new office allows for visual screening of entrants.

“Renovation of the Junior-Senior High office was necessary to provide students, staff and guests with more efficient space and also to correct some safety concerns,” said Superintendent Casey Brewster.

Minton’s office area was moved from the hallway window to where Assistant Principal Kyle Neukam’s office was in previous years.

Athletic Director Darek Newkirk moved from the small office that Neukam now possesses to the area that Minton used to operate from.

Office Secretary Kim Bostock had a less dramatic change, moving just feet from where her desk was last year.

The Orange County School Safety Commission provided recommendations to the School Board on safety. After internal assessments were made, a plan was set into motion.

To date, the project has cost approximately $7,000. Renovations are not fully completed, and because of that, this is not a final cost. Renovations will resume next summer, and the final cost could reach roughly $12,000.

“In addition to the office project at the Junior-Senior High, Throop Elementary doors are currently being upgraded with new closing mechanisms and panic bars,” said Brewster.
Other miscellaneous improvements will be made during the school year, such as additional fencing at Throop and digital locks for doors that communicate to the main server at the high school.

Story by Ron Compton
Photo by Morgan Dotts