News to Us: Canine Unit To Help Paoli Staff Sniff Out Problems

Another step has been taken to keep drugs out of Paoli High School. The friendly canine Nero, along with Officer Scott Dillman, will be regularly coming to Paoli schools to make sure the school is free of drugs and contraband.

Nero will stay with Officer Dillman, who has been trained to handle police dogs. Dogs like Nero are not like pets; it takes a lot of skill to train and handle them.

Nero is being trained to detect odors that come from banned substances and contraband. Do not doubt his sniffer- Nero will be able to detect containers, clothing, or vehicles that have recently come in contact with these substances as well.

Nero’s help will be very beneficial to our community. He will be an added source of protection, and will hopefully be the beginning of the end to drugs in our school. He will be will at the school multiple times a week.

Paoli schools are not the only places you will be able to find Nero. He will go to any of the schools in Orange County that are in need of him.

For those who suffer with dog allergies-there is no need to worry. Nero will not have any kind of physical contact with students or staff members, and wherever he is on campus will only be for a short period of time.

“Nero will have a positive impact on our entire community, enforcing laws and rewarding folks who obey the laws (with barks and smiles),” said Superintendent Casey Brewster.

Story by Lindsay Begley