News to Us: Zombie Dash coming soon


There will be a Zombie Dash on Tuesday, November 5 at 7 p.m. The dash is for the Prom fundraiser and is the first Zombie Dash ever here at PHS.

“We’ve never had a Zombie Dash before. Last year the juniors and seniors sponsored the Color Rampede. At that time the class sponsors decided to have a run each year but to try a different theme each year. Everyone seems excited about this theme,” said Brenda Eubank, class sponsor and organizer.

Unlike last year this event is not technically a 5k.

“We’ve also decided that it’s not going to be a 5K; since it’s in the evening, a 5K seemed a little long, and sometimes ‘5K’ is intimidating to people, so we’re hoping this course seems less intimidating and more manageable. Also, with the Zombie Dash we don’t have the expense of food coloring and other supplies we had to buy for the Color Rampede, and because of this, we can charge less,” said Eubank.

The Dash will be $10 without a shirt and $20 with one. Students must register by Oct. 21 to participate.

During the Dash, students will either be running from the zombies, walking or acting as the zombies themselves and chasing the students. The zombies will be hidden throughout the course, which spans the softball field, to the cemetery, through the woods, behind the football field and ending at the softball field once again.

If you’re worried about getting bitten or tackled, there’s no need to fear.

“Each runner or walker will have some flags tucked into their waistband. The runner’s goal will be to keep as many of his or her flags as possible while the goal of the zombies will be to collect as many flags as possible. That’s the extent of the zombie infection.”

The zombies will also be completely decked out in makeup and costumes, for extra realism during the night.

Along with the money you need for the fundraiser, participants also need to bring a flashlight and remember to stay in groups.

“There is no ‘safety’ until the end,” Eubank said.

Runners do not have to run in any particular way, you can even walk as stated above. You can run alone, with a group or you can walk by yourself or with a group.

Story By Zach ZOMBIEOrth