News to Us: Mr (or Mrs.) Gobble Coming Soon

There have been many unique fundraising events for the Parent Teacher Organization, some include kiss the pig and kiss the camel. But this year there is a fundraiser that has never happened before at PHS.

The PTO will be set up outside of the cafeteria for students to vote with money between ten teachers to choose who will wear a turkey costume on the Tuesday prior to Thanksgiving.

The teachers that students can choose from are Principal Todd Hitchcock, Assistant principal Kyle Neukam, resource teacher Tyler Galloway, secretary Pam Minton, English teacher Rebecca Haley, health teacher Dusty Cole, social studies teacher Neil Dittmer, media adviser Heather Nichols and guidance counselor Brandi Kerley.

“We will be accepting box tops in addition to money. The box tops will count as 10 cents,” said Assistant principal Amanda Crews.

The teacher with the most money by the Tuesday before Thanksgiving will have to wear a turkey costume all day. The costume is a full length turkey costume that goes from head to foot.

“There is also a great big tail,” said Crews.

The PTO came up with the idea because Hitchcock had done a similar fundraiser at his previous school.

The money will be used for student incentive programs for positive behavior, senior tea, beautification projects and other student needs.

“It is a very different idea. I have never heard of anything like it before,” said eighth grader Damon Ingle. “I really would like to see Mr. Neukam wear the costume all day.”

Story by Adam Engleking