Newsmakers: Tinkle, A Man of the Woods

It was a quiet fall morning when Colton Tinkle stepped out of his house to go squirrel hunting. He was on a mission and today that mission was a little different than usual. He picked up his gun and some shells and stepped off his front porch. He was going to shoot a squirrel today, and he was going to do it with a deer slug.

Tinkle is a good example of a good old red-neck Indiana boy. He goes hunting and fishing a lot, owns a lot of guns and loves the outdoors.

“Hunting is a big part of my life,” said Tinkle. “It feeds me and my family.”

Like a lot of people Tinkle pressed for a gun at an early age.

“I got my first gun when I was 7,” said Tinkle. “The week after, I got my first rabbit.”

Since that first gun Tinkle has gotten shotguns, rifles, bows and other weapons like BB guns or air soft guns.

One thing he loves to do is go bow fishing as well as regular fishing.

“I’ve caught some pretty big catfish out of the creek,” he brags.

And that’s not all. He doesn’t really even need to do hunting to enjoy the outdoors. It’s a big part but only half the fun. He likes to do things like free running or just plain exploring; and even building things like forts out in the woods is fun for him.

“I plan to be a part of the outdoors for as long as I can,” said Tinkle.


Story by Cameron Stroud