Q&A: Thomas Hunting for the Best Buck

Eighth grader Ben Thomas is an active hunter and enjoys many things about the outdoors. Besides hunting, Thomas fishes and four-wheel rides at his Indiana home.

Do you have any good hunting stories?
Yeah, one day I was walking through the woods to my stand. I noticed I was being followed by a squirrel. When I got to the stand I climbed up and the squirrel went with me past the stand to the top of the tree. He sat there the whole time while I hunted. Anytime and animal walked past he barked and scared them away. I left early. When I got down he came with me all the way to the edge of the woods. When I got to the end of the woods in my pasture I turned around and looked at him. He was on his hind legs. I turned and kept walking and he went back into the woods.

Do you go hunting a lot?
I hunt a lot but mainly for deer and turkey.

Do you have a lot of firearms?
I have some but mostly shotguns and rifles.

Do you plan on hunting in the future?
Yes, because it’s a sport and it keeps the population down.

What’s your favorite animal to hunt?
Deer mainly is my favorite.

Are you good at hunting?
In my opinion I’m pretty good at it.

Do you eat the animals?
Yes, except for the ones with diseases.

Is hunting a main part of your life?
It’s a main subject.

What does it do for you?
It gives me a rep mostly based on how big of a buck I can get.

How does it affect you?
It teaches me responsibility and safety.


Interview by Cameron Stroud