Congratulations Academic Team!

Last night the High School Academic Team traveled to North Knox to compete in the District Academic Superbowl and walked away with an impressive showing. The math team of Jordan Cadle, Jacob Tuell, Mark Bridgewater, and Todd Osborn earned first as did the English sqaud of Anna Kemple, Melody Pinnick, and Bailey Rankin. In fact, the English squad’s 21 may be enough for them to be state finalists! The science team of Jordan Cadle, Lee Apple, Jacob Tuell, June Hobson, and Wyatt Weeks gained second.
Fine Arts also scored a second with Melody Pinnick, Lily Thompson, and Anna Kemple.
Interdisciplinary earned second with a team of Jordan Cadle, Jacob Tuell, Melody Pinnick, and Anna Kemple. Mr. Lindley and Mr. Stroud are very proud of this anazing achievement by the team.