Chromebooks: What to Except

The new Chromebooks have great advantages in school, but they also have some problems. Rolled out a few days before the start of school for high school and some junior high students, students and teachers are still adjusting to the new devices.

“I feel like for the most part the Chromebooks have been a big success. We knew that there were going to be issues that we had to deal with as far as passwords and students having technical difficulties,” said Assistant Principal Amanda Crews.

The new Chromebooks are effective and they hold all you data in the drive so students can use it later. They also need to be charged every night to be used the next day at school.

On the bright side Chromebooks give students access to files at school or at home even if a student does not have the Wi-fi. Although it has good software, the school also has restrictions deemed not good or unuseful to students.

Insurance is available to parents to help cover some of the cost if their Chromebook is lost, stolen, or even damaged. A bag has been provided to help prevent dropping them which can be helpful to many students.

The school requires all student to have their Chromebooks muted at all times unless one of their teachers allows them permission to have their sound on during class. About every six hours a student will need to relogin to the web at school during school because of it will automatically log the user out after the set time.

“Technology is just a reality in our society today. So to allow students to learn the way that they live would benefit any student,” said Crews.

Story by Codie Emmons