Blood Drive!

On Friday, September 11,  from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Paoli High School will be hosting a blood drive for the American Red Cross. The blood drive will be held at the Lost River Career Co-Op Multi-Purpose Room. Health careers teacher Mara Eisele is in charge of the drive.

“Students should donate because it’s not something that has shelf life. The blood can only sit in a blood bank for a limited amount of time. Students can help people who are losing blood, have been in car wrecks, or bad accidents. Just by giving one unit of blood they could save three lives,” said Eisele.

Anyone over 17 years of age can give blood without a parent’s consent. Sixteen-year-old donors must present a signed American Red Cross Parental Consent Form upon donating.

“It is important to give blood because it saves lives. By giving one unit of blood an individual could save up to three lives,” said Eisele.

For more information contact Mara Eisele at the co-op.