Pierce Love of Arts Shines Through

Not many people can say they have an artistic medium, but to junior Angel Pierce, singing and dancing are the way she expresses herself.

Pierce started voice lessons three years ago while picking up dance lessons two years ago. Currently, Pierce attends Jennifer’s Voice Studio and Kaci’s Studio of Dance.

Her favorite thing about dancing is when she is feeling as though she has a spiritual connection with Gene Kelly, known for his energetic dancing style and good looks, every time she tap dances.

Her teachers have given Pierce a lot of performing opportunities.

“My voice coach enrolls me in voice competitions, and I perform in both singing and dancing recitals,” said Pierce.

A big supporter of Pierce’s pursuit of the arts is her mother.  Her mom drives her to all of her lessons, gives critical feedback, comes to every performance and buys her all the water bottles she needs for sustenance.

Pierce’s favorite thing about the arts is the communication.  Arts connect different cultures and different time periods.

“I also love the expression,” said Pierce. “No matter what I’m feeling, no matter what is going on in my life, I can sing a song and feel uplifted.”

Performing has helped Pierce become the person she is today.  Growing up, Pierce was extremely shy.

“Performing has helped me come out of my comfort zone, be more open-minded, and has exposed me to all sorts of different cultures I never would have considered learning about.  Because of singing, dancing and theater, I am more open to trying new things and taking risks,” said Pierce.

Besides doing lessons, Pierce is also a member of several theater troupes and works on the Polar Express as an entertainer.

In college, Pierce plans to pursue a degree in English or Creative Writing, but she has also considered making vocal arts or musical theater her minor. Either way, Pierce will continue to carry her love of the arts into her future.