Lilly Scholarship Available to PHS Seniors


If you recall, Alyssa Cromwell, a former PHS student, was the Lilly Scholarship recipient last year.

To receive this scholarship, students can fill out an application online but there are some requirements. This scholarship is for students who are receiving an Academic Honors Diploma and are in the top 25% of their class. Also, having a certain SAT or ACT score, completing a financial assessment, and having an acceptance letter for an Indiana College or University are required. This helps the board of people deciding who the scholarship recipient is get the list from about 25-45 applicants down to a top ten. This information is all coming straight from the source, Lauren Goodman from the Orange County Community Foundation.

¨Personally, I would just like to say that being a staff member at the Orange County Community Foundation and being a part of changing a high school senior’s life forever is one of the most incredible feelings,¨ said Goodman.

Applications are due Monday, September 12 at 4 pm for the scholarship. For those of you that meet the requirements and would like to be the lucky winner of this scholarship, make sure to start now and get your application in on time.

Story by Kennedy Embry