72 Students D.C. Bound

For the third year, students in the junior high are gearing up to head to our nation’s capital this weekend.Seventh grade social studies teacher, and Washington D.C. trip sponsor, Amy Tuell is heading off to D.C. on Thursday April 7 at 6 p.m. She is taking 33 adult chaperones to help her out and there are 72 seventh and eighth graders going on the trip.

In the previous years Tuell only took eighth graders. This year there were not enough eighth graders that signed up and the seventh grade class is too small so Tuell opened it up to seventh graders too.

Haley Owens is a seventh grader who is going on the trip.

“I am excited about going to the Holocaust Museum,” said Owens.

The trip is going to be a new experience for many.

“I am looking forward to seeing the kids reactions in the Holocaust museum and just going in to D.C.,” said Tuell.

The group of 105 will return from the trip on Monday April 11 in the morning.

“The trip is going to be awesome. The worst thing about the trip is going to be the bus ride,” said Tuell.

Story by Jalyn Engleking

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