Academic Feature: Dooley Does it All


Balancing school and sports, while being so academically advanced, is quite the accomplishment. Senior Meagan Dooley is president of the senior class and was the winner of the Academic All-State award. Dooley is also one of two seniors who play tennis. She has been playing on the varsity team for four years now.

“Academic All-State is an award that shows how well I have done in school along with keeping up with sports. My sport was tennis, which is very time consuming. To receive Academic All-State you have to maintain a certain GPA and be on a varsity team,” said Dooley.

Dooley’s favorite subject in school is math since it clicks with her. Calculus teacher Adam Stroud enjoys having her as a student.

“Meagan is an outstanding individual who works hard and strives for perfection. She is a student that will be successful in anything she does in life.  Her work ethic, personality, character, and intelligence will bring her success in the future. My advice to her would be keep her goals high and keep her faith and she will continue to have an impact on everybody she comes in contact with,” said Stroud.

Along with having good grades and keeping up with sports, Dooley’s involvement in Student Council has taught her some useful things she can apply after high school.

“Student Council has allowed me to learn to manage my time along with being a leader in our school. We are in charge of many events and have many responsibilities, all getting me prepared for after high school,” said Dooley.

Student Council Sponsor Carol Fullington has watched Dooley achieve her own goals as a member of the club.

“Meagan has always been an active member of Student Council, but as a senior she takes the initiative to lead others and sets high standards for other members,” said Fullington.

Although Dooley is not exactly sure where she wants to go to college, she knows what she wants to major and minor in.

“I have not yet decided on a specific college, but I am strongly looking at IUPUI and University of Alabama. I will study Business Administration with a minor in Accounting. I will study for four years to earn a Bachelor’s degree, find a steady job, then going back to receive a Masters,” said Dooley.

Story by Alexis DeCarlo

Photo by Joni Blackburn

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