Photography Feature: Thompson Planning to Make a Living of Her Passion


For Senior Lily Thompson, photography is more than just a hobby; photography is her life. Thompson started finding her passion at an early age, around ten years old to be exact. She would take her parent’s camera and walk around for hours taking photos of the woods and random things. Eventually, she got her own camera, growing the bond stronger between Thompson and photography.

Thompson is now the chief photographer of the PHS Media Department for the second year in a row. One of her duties is reviewing everything that the media staff creates before it goes out to the public. This includes the newspaper, the yearbook and television programs. She also gives advice and orders to photographers that are here under her.

Thompson likes to convey emotions through photos and likes to be a part of everything without having to actually participate, she just takes the photos instead.

“Absolutely nothing beats the pride of getting THE shot,” said Thompson.

Thompson’s love for photography is behind her plans on continuing with photojournalism as her career. But she knows that when she graduates, she will have to make a name for herself outside of PHS. She is more than up to the challenge.

“Photography has taken me so many places and done so many things for me. It is actually a part of my being, I can never imagine doing anything else. I hope to do nothing but perfect the talent God gave me. I hope little PHS will cheer me on,” said Thompson.

Story by Kennedy Embry

Photo by Lauren Umpleby

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