Cross Country Feature: Terrell Goes for the Gold


Running is not for everyone, but it is for some. Senior Blake Terrell started running cross country his sophomore year. At first it was just to help him stay in shape for basketball, but now he has taken it to another level. His commitment and hard work ethic drove him to enjoy the sport.

Terrell enjoys going to practice and meeting everyday to run and talk to his friends who are also on the team.

“The most enjoyable thing about cross country is getting to see a couple of my friends,” said Terrell.

Terrell looks forward to competing against other people from other schools.

“My favorite thing about meets is getting to compete against the kids from the other schools and seeing if I am better than they are,” said Terrell.

Terrell’s favorite memory is when he ran a 19:59.

“I will always remember when Blake Roberts and I ran a five-minute mile our first mile at the Southridge invitational,” said Terrell.

Cross country coach Summer Hudelson enjoys coaching Terrell because he does not complain and is very dependable.

“Blake is a hard worker and very quiet and does what he is supposed to,” said Hudelson.

Terrell’s cross country season is coming to an end, but his life after high school is just beginning. He plans on studying Criminal Justice, Police Sciences, Wildlife Management and Natural Resource Sciences.


Story by Bela Brewster

Photos by Addison Wells

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