Meehan Involved in Local Politics

Senior Chase Meehan is coming into his own as a democratic citizen.

“I’ve been interested in politics for many years, but I hadn’t ever truly become civically engaged. Last year into this year, thanks to the election, there have been more opportunities to participate in various events,” said Meehan.

Recently, Meehan was involved in a Paoli Town Council meeting on Jan. 17, concerning the negative media surrounding the Traditionalist Workers Party, a Southern Poverty Law Center designated white nationalist hate group and its presence in Paoli.

In the meeting, Meehan read out a line of an official proclamation proclaiming Paoli to be a welcoming community to all minorities.

“I felt proud that there were people standing up for what’s right, and I was honored to be involved,” said Meehan.

The group which pushed for the proclamation’s adoption, the Progressive Feminists of Orange County, also organized the Women’s March on the town square on Jan. 21.

“I hope that this proclamation will help people to see their prejudices and become more accepting of those who are different,” said Meehan

Story by Tim Leone

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