Miley Reflects on PHS


Remembering your high school years can either be very cringeworthy or joyful depending on how you spent your years. Have you ever wondered what PHS graduates did with their life or how PHS impacted them?

Jason Miley, Class of 1984, can answer that question. Miley has learned continuous things from PHS that has helped him throughout his life.

Miley has many fun memories from his high school years. Miley remembers these moments like they were just yesterday.

One thing Miley remembers most is having a blast on Friday nights at the football games and the dances that followed. Being with friends and watching the game was a fun time for him.

“I enjoyed going to football games on Friday nights and I would always DJ the dances after the games,” said Miley.

Miley’s older brother, John Miley, would go to the dances as well after he played in the football games. It was always a fun time for everyone.

“The dances gave everyone a place to go after the games and was always a blast for Jason and I,” said John Miley.

One huge factor that PHS offers that impacted Miley was the life lessons he learned. PHS also gets some credit for his successful career.

Miley is a phlebotomist, which is where he draws blood for people in a hospital. His job is a very good fit for him and he has been a phlebotomist for four years. Miley used to work for Hoosier Hills pact as a supervisor of community corrections but decided to change his career to something that interests him more.

“PHS taught me to obey the laws and gave me an idea of the important values in life which later impacted my career,” said Miley.

Miley sees PHS as a great school with great opportunities. Education is what Miley thinks is the most important for high school students.

Being in extra curricular activities and outside events in high school is awesome and can be important, but shouldn’t be your number one focus according to Miley. Not being as focused on grades and education is one of Miley’s biggest regrets from high school. You should make sure you enjoy it, but also make sure you focus on your education.

“My advice to high schoolers today is to enjoy it because it’s gone before you know it. Concentrate on your school because it will positively impact your future,” said Miley.

PHS has impacted Miley in continuous ways and will continue to impact more students everyday. The memories will always be important as well. Nothing will ever replace the lessons and memories students make here at PHS.

Story by Briannah Andis

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