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Andry’s Journey to the Top


Phillip Andry, physics teacher, was a graduate from PHS in 1960. Although graduating to get his diploma, Andry had hit some rough bumps on the way there. He wishes he had been more disciplined in studying, although making good grades, his parents never challenged him to do better.

“I was pretty much on my own to do what I could. There was no place to study at home and I always had lots of farm work to do,”  said Andry.

One thing he wishes he could have done was relaxed and opened up more, but it was something that was rough for him. Not having much economically made him feel overall inferior to other students, and set him back in his grades even though he had much success.

“We had no running water, no telephone, very little money, and nice clothes were scarce,” said Andry.

Andry regrets not making straight A’s, which he knows he could have done. He regrets not doing so because he could have received a full-ride scholarship, and if he could go back, Andry would attempt to get in the top three.

Andry first went to college at Greenville College in Illinois. During the spring of his freshman year in college, he had suffered a severe back and neck injury. The injury had made him basically handicapped. Andry’s grades began dropping, he became severely depressed and had no desire to live with the pain he had.

Although Andry did not want to go back to college, he was pressured and encouraged to go to Butler University.

“I had done better that year, but I could not return to college the next year since I could not work due to the injury. Although, my neighbor decided to help and offered to help with the money,” said Andry.

Andry’s health then declined terribly, and he could not return for seven years. He returned back to Greenville College where he started, and finished through making the Dean’s list. Andry finally graduated in 1972 and earned a master’s degree in 1978.

Andry’s goal was to become a military officer, maybe to reach the level of Captain in the Navy or Colonel in the Army. He did reach Major in the Indiana Grand Reserve and served Camp Atterbury, working with many soldiers who would get deployed.

In 1972, Andry began teaching at PHS and has stayed here for almost 45 years. His favorite memories at PHS had to do with excelling academically and competing physically.

“And there was some romance, and being elected senior class president was an honor for me,” said Andry.

Andry has advice for high school students.

“My advice for high school kids would be to become happy with who you are and to not set goals too low. Enjoy life a bit along the way, but do not be afraid of work, and even more importantly, get a vision. Talk to older people whose lives you admire,” said Andry.

Story by Emma Osborn

1 comment on “Andry’s Journey to the Top

  1. Mr Andry was my math teacher 2 or 3 times. I was terrible at math and still am. I truly respected him and always will. He treated all his students the same good students and bad students the same. In college I avoided Algebra and took statistics. Met the requirement and avoided the struggle. I still wish someone would tell me how you add two letters together and get a number! Lol I never knew about his struggles. For him to overcome that is truly remarkable.

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