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Combs’ Career


Scott Combs is a name that may ring familiar in some Paoli residents and Paoli High School graduates minds. You may be walking by the Paoli boys locker room and see the picture of Combs hanging on the wall along with only two other men.  Two of these pictures recognize the only two men in Paoli History to be on the Indiana All Star team, including Combs.

Along with his two sisters, Abby and Katie, Combs grew up in Lebanon. Their parents were heavily involved in the school cooperation. Combs spent a lot of time in the school, but only three of those years did he spend in the halls of PHS.

They moved to Paoli Combs sophomore year when his father, Vic Combs, became  the principal. Combs then began actively involved in clubs and other activities at Paoli including choir, chess club, tennis, track, playing piano at special events and, of course, basketball.

“Scott became a very big leader in his three years a Paoli. He was very much a people person and tried to join all the activities he could,” said Scott’s younger sister, Abby Newkirk.

Despite the busy schedule, Scott always looked forward to time spent with friends and family. Some of his favorite memories are times being with his friends and sisters from just passing in the hallways to Friday night pep sessions.

“Some of the most fun times were playing board games and cards while sitting around the kitchen table,” said Combs.

“I was pretty lucky to have a home where the front door was always open and good food and conversation took place,” said Combs.

After high school, Combs went on to play basketball for University of Missouri for two years then transferred to Austin Peay his junior year of college to still play basketball. He then received his Bachelor degree at Austin Peay and continued to play there as a fifth-year senior.

After Combs graduated he began coaching as an assistant at Austin Peay in ‘99 for 12 years then in 2012 Scott became the head coach for Martin Methodist College in Pulaski, Tennessee.

“My mom and dad helped me get to where I am today. They were always leading by example and my greatest take-away from them was to treat people with kindness,” said Combs.

Still to this day, Combs is coaching and living in Pulaski with his daughter Chandler. He coaches basketball at Martin Methodist, is the Assistant Athletic Director and sometimes teaches math and nutrition class from time-to-time.

Even though a very busy schedule might take away a lot of time away, Combs and his old teammates and classmates are still close.

“I bet I chat with at least one classmate every other day with a text or on social media. My teammates and classmates at PHS are special people and I would do just about anything for them,” said Combs.

Things have changed since Combs was a high school graduate in the class of ‘94, but he still managed to keep his great love for basketball and leave room in his heart for Paoli.

“I feel very lucky to have lived in Paoli and graduated from PHS,” said Combs.

Story by Maggie Vincent

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