2017 Fall Musical

Drama Director Maria Wishart will be directing the fall musical again this year. The show is undecided, but they are keeping an open mind. Some have suggested doing “Shrek”, while others said “Bye Bye, Birdie”.

“We take suggestions, and we also keep a running list of shows that have been suggested in previous years,” said Wishart.

Part of picking a show comes with knowing the cast size, all of the roles given and the potential participants. Even when drama members take a vote, that is not the whole process. There are many decisions to be made before selecting a show.
In all plays, there are lead roles. Once auditions are held, it should be clear who should get the lead role, but there can be more than one person who would be great for the position. More often than not, performers who have been in drama club the most will get the role over a newcomer.

“Our main objective is to provide a great experience for as many interested kids as possible, one that will provide them with fond memories they will carry with them,” said Wishart.

Clubs that students are interested in should be enjoyable for everyone. Students learn from experience and discover new talents they never knew they had before. Wishart hopes to produce a show that the audience enjoys as well as the members.
Drama allows the cast members to make memories of a lifetime. Senior Livia Sullivan is one who has made many memories from being in drama.

“My favorite memory would have to be from my freshman year when we did ‘Beauty and the Beast’. Between shows on Saturday, we were blaring music in the auditorium and dancing and running around the set of the castle. It was a lot of fun,” said Sullivan. This is Sullivan’s last year being part of the drama club. She has done lots of things to set an expectation for everyone, and this year she gets to step up and be a leader.

Come out and watch a play to support the drama club.


Story by Kinley Block

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