POP: A View from the Top

The Pride of Paoli Band is preparing A View from the Top, a show about the challenges of climbing a steep and dangerous mountain.

The theme draws on the idea that many people start a journey, but not everyone finishes.  Most people simply give up, while others get sick or injured, and others may die.

Band director Bill Laughlin always tells his students, “The view is always worth the climb.” This idea is woven into the show.

“I really love how innovative this year’s show is! We are incorporating a lot of new types of visual elements,” said senior Keegan Anderson.

The POP will be performing in the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade and likely in the Indianapolis 500 Memorial Day Parade.

The band is striving to maximize their talent and focus on their strengths.

“Our goal is to ‘reach the top’, which means achieve our top potential as we develop the show,” said Laughlin.

This band season, go out and support the POP as they put all of their hard work and effort into their show.


Story by Avery Owens

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