Spaghetti Dinner and Other Fundraisers

With The Lion King play going on, the senior class took advantage of all of the extra people visiting the building. The 2018 graduating class sold spaghetti dinner tickets to help fund post prom.
“We want to do something different this year, so we are doing fundraisers to help raise the money,” said senior parent Pam Minton.
With tickets selling for just $5, the dinner was a huge hit. Many families and friends attended and helped raise money for a great time for anyone who attends the Paoli post prom this year. More fundraisers are in the works, but this one is the main event so far, raising $701 for the post prom fund.
The next upcoming event will be held on February 9. It will be a Paoli v. Orleans alumni game with a dance afterwards for the alumni and current seniors from both schools. There will be a loveseat and sofa ticket drawing at the game as well.
“Raising money isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it for the kids to have a good time,” said Minton.

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