eLearning Make Up Days Underway

When school cancellations occur, it is most common to add the days to the end of the year, but Paoli will be making up missed days with eLearning days. eLearning days will be used to make up at least three missed days of school, using Saturdays as a school day while not physically being at school.

Students will receive work from all their teachers a week prior to the due date, giving them time to complete their assignments. Due to the eLearning days, the cancelled school days will no longer be added to the end of the year.  

“eLearning Days are a way for schools to have some flexibility in making up time due to days out due to weather. Last year, we got a lot of great feedback and suggestions that we have implemented into our planning of this year’s days. So far this year, we have six days to make up, and it is nice to be able to make them up on snow make-up days like Martin Luther King Day and President’s Day, plus eLearning Days, rather than add them to the end of the year,” said high school  eCoach Heather Nichols.

At Paoli, students have a window where they can complete their eLearning assignments. With the first day underway, future dates have already been decided.

The next elearning day is March 17, with the window from March 16 to March 23. The third day will be April 7, with the window from April 4 to April 11.

A fourth day has already been planned on April 14, pending approval from the Department of Education. If this day is used, the window will be from April 13 to April 20.


Story by Maggie Vincent

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