Digital SAT to be Piloted at PHS

Junior year is an important year for many high school students. For some, it is the year they  take the SAT. This year, Paoli Jr Sr High School has been selected to be a research school for the SAT Digital Research Story. The SAT is set to become a fully digital test. Vice Principal Fred Unsicker applied for PHS to be one of the schools selected for this preparation and research.

PHS is looking to have at the least 20 students in the junior class take this test. The test will be on February 5 and will take up periods one, two and three. The test will conclude at around 11 a.m. PHS will be one of the first to take the test, being in the second time slot. The testing will take two weeks in order to complete the testing throughout all selected schools. Unsicker believes this will benefit juniors for their later testing.

“The biggest benefit to the students is they will get to see what the new digital SAT will look like. With The College Board moving to create a fully digital exam, it’s a great opportunity for our students to get used to the platform that will be utilized by The College Board. It is also good practice with the SAT Reading Test and Essay. For those who participate in the Research Test, we will get feedback on their performance sometime near the end of March. This will be great information for those who are going to go on and take the SAT test later this spring or even next year,” said Unsicker.


Story by Faith Wilder

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