Superintendent Walker Meets with NHS Members

Superintendent Greg Walker talked to the NHS students on Wednesday, January 16 at an NHS meeting. Walker was asking for feedback from these students on how to improve our school. NHS Sponsor Melissa Higgins, NHS President Nick Douthitt and NHS Vice President EB Kerby appreciated the administration asking for the student body’s point of view.

“I really appreciated Mr. Walker taking the time to hear from the students. It is nice to have a superintendent that is truly concerned about making PHS a better place and wants to give everyone a chance to be heard,” said Kerby.

Higgins, Douthitt and Kerby were pleased with the discussion at the meeting.

“The students that spoke had good comments. The students have a different perspective on things here at school. I was kind of surprised by some of the things they said but pleasantly surprised. It was also good to hear that students see some of the same issues and problems the staff sees,” said Higgins.

Higgins, Douthitt and Kerby all are hoping this event will make a difference in our school.

‘I think our opinions will be taken into consideration but may not have a direct impact on future decisions,” said Douthitt.


Story by Faith Wilder

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