New Freezer Installed for Agriculture Department

On PHS Service Day, the Agriculture Department, with help from Vittitow Refrigeration, began installing a new freezer. As the Farm-to-Table program expanded, it was evident that they needed more freezer space.

The long term goals of the program are to be able to sell pork to the community and to work alongside and trade with the Bedford North Lawrence Agriculture Department. The Paoli Agriculture Department will hopefully be supplying them with pork, and in return, PHS will receive beef. The PHS department will also be helping to sell Bedford’s steaks and roasts to the Paoli community. In years to come, the freezer will be used for storage as the program continues to expand.

“Farm to Table educational models are continuing to grow and spread across the country. Here at Paoli, we are a leader, and will continue to look for opportunities to grow and expand learning opportunities for students to learn about food production, while also providing themselves and their peers with high quality and nutritious meals,” said agriculture teacher Cory Scott.

Story by Haley Owens

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