Signs Everywhere

A new way of getting information out to staff, students, and parents is coming soon. New LED signs will be popping up around Paoli schools. These signs will be in front of each school, and one located at the intersection of Elm Street and West Main Street.

The school board voted to purchase the signs for a total of $59,823.53 at the June 7 board meeting.

“The signs will share information about what’s going on and promote our schools,” said Superintendent Greg Walker.

These signs will be run by Journalism Teacher Heather Nichols. Nichols will be able to control what will be shown on each sign.

“One is ready to install and the other two are near,” said Walker.

At the October school board meeting, the minutes reported that the signs were ready to install, but the company was waiting to install all three at the same time.

These signs are similar to the signs at Springs Valley, Orleans, and West Washington. The school will be able to share lots of school information on the digital signs.

Story by Jeremiah Hutcheson

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