Roach’s Pride for POP


The Pride of Paoli has been around as early as the 1930s, which was when high schools in the Midwest began to add bands to their school programs. POP was originally named the Paoli Marching Rams until 1979, when Mrs. Teresa Elliott became the band director and started the Pride of Paoli. There are classes for different school sizes. POP is currently in Class D since they have a smaller number of students than Class A. Bands cannot move up or down a class based on success.
Sophomore Hunter Roach has a passion for playing the saxophone. He has been playing for a total of six years throughout elementary school, junior high and high school. Roach still loves the music and marching along with the other students who are working hard every day.
Over the summer, the band got most of the marching and music done and successfully completed the first part of this year’s show, A View from the Top. The show is about taking a long journey where the band becomes tired and gives up, but they end up gaining energy and overcoming the obstacles they face. Roach hopes to become better than last year, like always. Every practice and competition is a chance to improve.
“I think we’re going to be really good this year,” said Roach.
Band involves a lot of people. They have to be able to make the show come alive between the color guard and band. Coming together as a whole and making friends along the way is something that makes long lasting memories.
“My favorite part of band is the excitement and pride I feel knowing that I’m part of a large group, and knowing that I’m part of something larger than myself,” said Roach.
Band is important to Roach. He loves being part of a successful program where he gets to perform with his friends.
“We work so often and so hard, the band develops negative feelings towards each other during practice and keep them with us off the field,” said Roach.
Unfortunately, Roach does not favor the negative feelings towards the band and other people in band. The negativity makes the band practice harder when they are angry at each other.
Roach hopes to continue participating in band into his college career at the University of Evansville. He has the talent, hard work and potential to do great things.

Story by Kinley Block