Senior Football Manager VanMeter


Football fans see the players tackle, score, and line up along the sideline. Who fans may not see are the girls rushing not for yards, but to get water to the timeout huddle, an air pump to the deflated helmet and so much more to keep the players playing. These working girls are the managers. Senior Olivia VanMeter is in her second and final year of managing for the Rams football team.
“I really enjoy being a football manager, and with this being my last year, the season is going really fast,” said VanMeter.
VanMeter shows up to practice four days a week and to games on Friday. She’s there to give water to coaches and players, work on any broken helmets and look out for injuries. The biggest night of the week comes on Friday, when VanMeter and the other managers scramble to get everything set up for the night.
“My favorite part about being a manager is probably game day. I love being on the sidelines and seeing everything happen right in front of me. I also enjoy getting everything ready for the big night,” said VanMeter.
After the night is over, the laundry is started, the water bottles are cleaned and the training room is reorganized. The whole cycle begins again on Monday.
“I’m really going to miss the other managers: Maggie, Alyssa, Kayla, Lillie and Jackie,” said VanMeter.

Story by Maggie Vincent