Bosley Visits Purdue Campus


BosleyPurdueOn December 12, freshman Brett Bosley made a trip to visit the Purdue University basketball program. This trip was an opportunity for the freshman to learn about a possible college location where he could take his basketball talent.

“I got to visit the locker room and basketball facilities,” said Bosley.

Bosley has made several trips playing basketball around the country, and his talents have drawn the attention of many colleges in Indiana. Bosley’s visit to Purdue was his first real chance to learn about the college game, and see a place where he could possibly fit.

“They allowed me to meet all the Purdue players. I had a chance to shoot around a little bit on the court. The experience was very fun and interesting,” said Bosley.

While on campus, Bosley also attended a Purdue game. After this visit, Bosley has high hopes for his future, realizing that there may be some difficult decisions ahead.

Story by Dietrich Sears