Teams Prepare to Flex Their Brains


Academic Bowl is coming up, and the team is getting ready to start their season. Academic Bowl is a combination of student teams who compete in different subjects against other schools based on knowledge of the topics. There are four major categories: math, English, science, and social studies. There is a special team which consists of all the categories, called the interdisciplinary team. Every year, there is a subject that all categories will have to know about pertaining to their academic speciality. This year it is World War I.

Math teacher Kyle Chase is over the whole Academic Bowl.  Chase is in charge of math and English.  Science teacher Lori Stroud is in charge the science team, and social studies teacher Amy Tuell is over the social studies team. The teachers all collaborate for the interdisciplinary team.

“We prefer that only eighth grade participate, but if we feel that a seventh grader would be ready for the material, we ask them as well,” said Tuell.

There are two meets the Paoli Academic Bowl team attends. The first competition is at Paoli in early April, and the qualifying meet is in late April at Silver Creek Middle School in Sellersburg, Indiana. The meet at Silver Creek will determine if the team makes it to State.

If you are interested in Academic Bowl, Chase will have sign up sheets for the team during club day at the beginning of the next school year.

“We all enjoy working with the students who participate.  Last year, the math team placed second overall at State.  The students work hard, and I am glad that they are getting recognized for their hard work,” said Tuell.

Story by Gracie Walls