New Student Council and Booster Club Sponsors


Along with taking the responsibilities of being senior class sponsors, English teacher Carol Fullington and history teacher Neil Dittmer have decided to partner up and be co-sponsors for Student Council and Booster Club.

“I was in charge of student council for nine years before this year, so I was experienced, and I knew I could do the job well. Mr. Dittmer had the idea to combine the two clubs and make them into one, and I was happy to do it,” said Fullington.

Fullington and Dittmer plan to make a few changes to the two clubs this year. This year, instead of anyone applying to Student Council, there will be one representative from each homeroom. In addition to this, there will be ten at large positions for those who did not get elected through their homeroom. For Booster Club, there will be a committee within Student Council to take care of these responsibilities, including homecoming and entertainment.

Fullington and Dittmer will be splitting the responsibilities of being sponsors between the two of them. Fullington will take care of the crowning during homecoming. Dittmer will be in charge of running all of the pep sessions throughout the year and take on more activities regarding to school spirit. For any other activity, the leadership will be shared.  

“I wanted to be more involved with in school activities, and I felt as though I had a lot of offer because I was in both clubs during high school,” said Dittmer.

Both Fullington and Dittmer are excited to see what this year has in store for them and to begin taking on their new responsibilities.   


Story by Madison Street