Lawson Learns Life Lessons from Football


Senior Tyson Lawson has imagined playing football under the lights on Friday nights since he was in elementary school, and this dream finally became a reality when he entered high school four short years ago.  Lawson was first introduced to the game he has grown to love through flag football in second grade. Football was always a sport Lawson was interested in, and this was his first opportunity to try it out.

“I decided to start playing because it was always something I wanted to do. From the day I was old enough to understand the game, I wanted to play. The thought of being able to hit someone and not get in trouble excited me when I was little,” said Lawson.

Through football, Lawson has been fortunate to have created bonds that will last a lifetime. He and his teammates have all endured off-season workouts, practices and games, and this is something Lawson has not taken for granted.

“I always develop a very close relationship with everyone on the team. Eventually, they are not your teammates anymore but your brothers. I’d do anything for those guys, and I know they would do the same for me,” said Lawson.

Through playing flag football, youth league and varsity football, Lawson is able to look back on all the memories he has made.

“The feeling you get right before kick off is something I love; there is nothing in the world like it, especially when the crowd is a nice size. Your blood gets flowing, and your adrenaline level goes through the roof.  Then, you get to go out there and play high school football, the best sport in the world,” said Lawson.

A lot of hard work goes into the summer workouts and everyday practices, and after a win, Lawson feels accomplished that all his previous hard work is paying off. He realizes that he didn’t get up at six every morning or endure three hour practices every day for nothing.

As his time in the football program comes to a close, Lawson stresses the importance of enjoying all the memories as they come because not everyone gets the opportunity to play high school football.  

“I would tell all the underclassmen to always give it your all and enjoy the time you have. You can’t give it half effort and expect to be successful. Every sprint, bench rep, pass, route, block or tackle has to be 100%. Play every game like it’s your last because you never know what could happen. The time flies by, so you need to cherish the time you have,” said Lawson.

Upon graduation, Lawson hopes to major in criminal justice but is undecided on which college he will attend next fall.


Story by Madison Street