Collins’s Video Editing Attracts Worldwide Following


Senior Madison Collins has a unique hobby of video editing. She started editing in the eighth grade and has continued since.

“I like to edit videos because it lets me show emotion and feelings through a visual. It lets me show how I am feeling when I need an outlet,” said Collins.

Collins first started editing videos on Vine, a video app where users could share six-second long video clips.

I saw that other people were doing it, and I thought it looked fun,” said Collins.

Now that Collins’s love for editing has intensified, she has improved her editing platforms.

“I use two computer programs, Sony Vegas Pro and Adobe After Effects CCS. I first started editing on my phone, but then I upgraded to my computer and my computer programs,” said Collins.

Collins loves to edit Marvel movies and clips the most. It was what she began editing when she was young.

“When I was younger, I grew up on Marvel movies, but I didn’t get really into the movies until I found the Avengers movie in seventh grade. While watching the movie, I was the most drawn to Steve Rogers, also known as Captain America. Since then, I have grown up with these movies, and they have shaped me into who I am today. Steve Rogers taught me to stick up for the little guy and always stick by the people you love. Marvel has become a part of me, and I don’t think I will ever let it go,” said Collins.

When Collins edits videos, she first finds an audio she likes and then selects clips from movies she has downloaded. She combines the audio and clips together and transfers it to another program, where she applies effects and transitions.

“I would love to incorporate video editing into my life after high school. It’s a big dream of mine to work on a Marvel movie,” said Collins.


Story by Gracie Walls