Final Hurdle Before Winter Break

Final Hurdle Before Winter Break

On Monday, December 3, members of the FLI committee proposed a new final exam schedule to the administration to help ease the impact of the traditional two-day exams and deal with the change in the school calendar. Instead of the two-day schedule used in the past, finals will be taken over the course of three days this semester, from December 19 to the 21.

PHS was not originally supposed to have school on Friday, December 21. However, it has become a makeup day for the snow day on November 15, creating scheduling issues for both students and staff.  

“We have a large number of kids and teachers who had already planned vacations on that day, which is why I proposed the idea,” said English Department Chair Carol  Fullington.

The administration took the idea and developed the schedule to try out next week. The new schedule will also allow more time for grading before winter break begins.  As a result, students will be able to see their final grades earlier than normal.

All finals will now be taken in the afternoon of all three days. Period one and two finals will take place on Wednesday, period three and five finals will take place on Thursday and period four, six and seven finals will take place on Friday.

Students who are exempt from finals or simply do not have finals to take are still required to come to school; it will otherwise be count as an absence.

Principal Chad Johnson and Assistant Principal Fred Unsicker decided to open up the cafeteria to students who are not taking finals in a given period. This will give students time to study for finals in other classes. Teachers can also choose to send students who are not taking finals to the cafeteria to eliminate the possibility of distractions for those who are testing.

Story by Sara Kesterson