Warren Plans Future in Welding



Many students think about and plan for their future careers. They may choose to job shadow, take an internship position or even get a job. For senior Riley Warren, he has prepared for his future by working for Eiklor Flames. Warren welds and builds fireplace inserts for Eiklor Flames. This experience will help prepare him for his future career.

Before Warren started the job at Eiklor Flames, he had been welding for five years. Warren first started welding in seventh grade because his father would always do it, and he wanted to try it. The owner of Eiklor Flames had Warren come in and work to see if he would be a good fit for the job. At the end of the week, the owner was impressed with his work and decided to hire Warren.

“I like welding because I’m good at it, and there is such a large variety of jobs and careers you can do. The world constantly needs welders,” said Warren.

On a normal day, Warren first clocks in. Then, he helps his dad, who is his boss, with stainless parts. After completing this, Warren begins to weld. He makes parts for mombo fireplaces and assembles them. Throughout the day, he works to build the fireplaces. The last step of his day is to clock-out.

Other than the heat in the summer, Warren loves every aspect of his job. He gets to use his welding talents for this job, which is what he wants to do.

“I plan on welding for a career. I have thought about going to the Hobart Institute of Welding Technology, but I will still continue working at Eiklor Flames,” said Warren.


Story by Faith Wilder