Guidance Counselors Prepare Eighth Grade for High School

Guidance Counselors Prepare Eighth Grade for High School

Guidance counselors Brandi Kerley and Rachel Robinson have been working on an event that eighth graders will be thankful for next year: freshman orientation. Advancing from junior high into freshman year of high school may not seem like a major change since students remain in the same building, but since graduation requirements have changed, students may need guidance to stay on track.

“We’re really excited because the diploma requirements are changing for our current eighth grade class. We are going to roll out those new requirements, so we really hope that all of our eighth graders or their parents or guardians will come,” said Kerley.

On Monday, February 4, students and their families will be invited to attend an orientation starting at 6 p.m. in the cafeteria. A Powerpoint presentation will be shown with in-depth information explaining the changes to the policy. Robinson and Kerley are also going to cover other courses that were either not available to eighth graders before or unfamiliar among the student body.

“Nick Douthitt, a journalism student, is actually interviewing elective teachers so they can talk about the classes they are offering. We’ll show that video at orientation,” said Kerley.

Kerley is also trying to make it as easy as possible for next year’s freshmen to make that transition into high school. She has been collaborating with agriculture teacher Cory Scott to possibly set up an open house like the Paoli Proud night held in December, except this one would be to expose the eighth graders to classes previously unknown or unclear to them.

“We could have an open house where eighth graders will be able to tour the agriculture programs and the Lost River Career Cooperative vocational programs. This will allow them to actually see some of these things so they know which direction they want to go in high school,” said Kerley.

Freshman orientation is going to be a great learning opportunity for those entering high school next year. The thorough explanations will allow students to start their ninth grade year fully informed and educated on what they can participate in and what they must complete to receive their desired diplomas.


Story by Masden Embry