Musicians Earn Gold, Head to State

Musicians Earn Gold, Head to State

On Saturday, January 26, members of the band traveled to Jasper Elementary School for Solo and Ensemble. This is an event where band students play a prepared piece in front of music judges. Students have a choice of either playing a solo or playing in a group with other students from their school.

They are scored in various categories, such as intonation, tone quality, articulation, tonguing, bowing techniques, note and rhythmic accuracy, interpretation, dynamic and musicianship. Once the score is tallied, students receive one of the following four ratings: Gold, Silver, Bronze or Participation. A Gold is the highest award a student can receive, and a group one solo or ensemble is the most advanced level. If a student received a Gold and performed in a group one solo or ensemble, they advance to State Solo and Ensemble.

A total of 58 PHS band students participated in the event, and 28 soloists and 10 ensembles qualified for State. The students advancing to State Solo and Ensemble are seventh grader Braydon Crowder; eighth graders Brody Wilcox and AJ Lopez; freshmen Angie Ceja, Kylee Charles, Haley Cox, Kaitlyn Dickey, Marissa Fleenor, Michael Hannon, Jonica Land and Elijah MacDonald; sophomores Trey Cranfield, Aaron Bayless and Chloe Thacker; juniors Josey Bledsoe, Emmett Dunn, Koby Durbin, Rheanna Jones, Noah McSpadden, Grayson McGowen, Alicia Neale, Hunter Roach, Aron Royer, Mason Smith, Vanesa Swartz, Jacob Tapp and Devan Thompson and seniors Isaiah Jones, Jillian Keen, Maggie McGowen and Breanna Ward.

An Honors Recital open to the public will be held in the Ruth Uyesugi Auditorium on Thursday, February 21 at 7:00 p.m., and admission is free of charge. Everyone who advanced will be traveling to Indianapolis on February 23 for State Solo and Ensemble.


Story by Angie Ceja