PACT Gains New Employee

PACT Gains New Employee

PACT is a program at PHS that many people are unfamiliar with. However, this service provided by the school is a great tool for junior high students to take advantage of. PACT is a youth service program in each Orange County school that works primarily with junior high students helping with academics, behavior and social skills. PACT is involved with several programs to benefit the school and the community. The program provides study tables in the PACT classroom, clothing throughout the school day and individual work with families of students. PACT also organizes Angel Tree during the holiday season and helps raise awareness for events such as Denim Day, sexual assault and dating violence.

PACT gained a new supervisor in January, Krisandra Ruggirello. Ruggirello has worked in the PACT area for a little while, but being in the Paoli atmosphere has only made it better for her own personal reasons.

“I have been working with PACT for over a year now. Before starting at PHS, I worked with PACT at Springs Valley Jr. Sr. High School; I graduated from PHS, so I am very excited to be back to my roots! I graduated from USI with a Bachelors degree in Social Work and completed my internship in Panama City, FL at Panama City Institute,” said Ruggirello.

At PCMI, Ruggirello worked hand-in-hand with the Department of Juvenile Justice to provide services to teenagers on probation in a marine-based alternative school. The atmosphere and experiences Ruggirello was exposed to at PCMI are different compared to PHS; however, she is more than excited to be present at a more familiar place where she was raised.

“I am more than happy to help any students here at PHS. I’m an open book and love being able to help any way I can. I look forward to working with students and staff here,” said Ruggirello.


Story by Jace Ingle