Advanced Manufacturing Students to Travel to MASC

Advanced Manufacturing Students to Travel to MASC

On Monday, February 25, the advanced manufacturing class will be heading to the Mid America Science Center and Ivy Tech in Scottsburg. The Mid American Science Center, or MASC, is designed to offer entrepreneurs, military personnel, researchers, visitors and students access to officer space and shared administrative service, along with customized labs and training facilities and advanced technology and communication systems.

“At MASC, students will be seeing advanced manufacturing labs in operation. Students will see CNC equipment that we learned about in class in operation as well as welding labs, electricity and mechatronics labs,” said advanced manufacturing teacher Jason Goodman.

Goodman was able to offer this field trip to his students through a company called Conexus, which partners with many advanced manufacturing industries.

“Conexus introduced us to the Mid America Science Center and invited us to tour the facility to help students gain more of a positive connection between school and advanced manufacturing as a career,” said Goodman.

Goodman motivates students to take the course, as it is possible to get up to fifteen free college credits from the class, and if a student chooses to go into that field, they can earn over $45,000 per year.

Goodman hopes the field trip will encourage students to choose a career in advanced manufacturing, as they will be meeting with many professionals who are already in that field.

“Students will have the opportunity to see some real-world applications of the curriculum material we are learning about in class. Students will also be meeting with advanced manufacturing industry professionals and learning about careers, post secondary education, salaries and job responsibilities,” said Goodman.


Story by Rebekah Reeves