Garcia Learns Lessons from Cheer


Some people believe everything happens for a reason and if it’s meant to be, it will be. For seventh grader Nadia Garcia, these phrases hold true for her journey with school cheer.

Garcia did not try out for the junior high squad when tryouts were hosted last school year, but Garcia joined midway through the basketball season.

“I joined midseason because one of the other cheerleaders quit, and they needed another girl. I felt good about it, considering other girls could have joined, but the coach chose me,” said Garcia.

This obstacle the team experienced was easily fixed by adding Garcia, especially since she has cheered in the past in fifth and sixth grade. Surprisingly, Garcia jumping into the squad midseason only came with a few challenges. In her mind, the most difficult part about the process was learning all of the cheers.  

“I adjusted to the team pretty well. I learned the cheers by staying after school with the other girls,” said Garcia.

With every group that runs on teamwork, things are bound to go wrong, which is Garcia’s least favorite thing about cheerleading. However, to Garcia, the ability to pick herself and her team back up after making a mistake is the most important part. Learning from their mistakes is half the process of improving as a team.

Her teammates are a lot of the reason why Garcia loves cheerleading so much. Garcia has appreciated the memories she has created with the other girls on her team. When Garcia is eventually done cheering, her teammates are what she is going to miss the most.

“I feel great when I am with them. The laugher and everything is all great,” said Garcia.

Although Garcia enjoys cheerleading, she is unsure about participating in the future. With her participation in other activities, such as volleyball, cheering another season could be overwhelming. Although this is her reality, Garcia does not take for granted her time as a PHS cheerleader.


Story by Sara Kesterson