Street Looks Back on Accomplished Basketball Career


Many students at PHS participate in athletic organizations. A handful of these students have been playing varsity since freshman year, and senior Madison Street is one of those few.

Street has been an active member of the girls basketball teams since elementary school, and she hasn’t looked back since. Though no one has really inspired her, Street has been around the game her whole life, as her family has always been involved with the sport. When she was asked to play on a basketball team in third grade, she felt it was only right of her to play. As Street has grown and matured through the years, she has learned to love the game and understand it more.

The game of basketball brings many things to people– life lessons being one of them. Street has learned several lessons throughout her years playing, and she will be able to apply these lessons in her future.

“Basketball has taught me to be disciplined and the importance of hard work. There are a lot of things you may not want to do, but it is important to be persistent for the good of the team. It has also taught me the importance of accountability. Everyone expects you to do your job, and they need you to be able to count on you,” said Street.

Aside from life lessons, Street has also gained other things, including friendships. These bonds, like the life lessons, will last a lifetime and are irreplaceable in Street’s eyes. They provide her with something that is bigger than basketball. Though her time playing the sport she loves has come to an end, the bonds she has made will last forever.

“Basketball has brought me closer to girls I would have never otherwise talked to and gave me the opportunity to spend time with friends I have had forever. I have been playing with Jacqlyn and Keaton my whole life, and this has created a friendship that will last a lifetime. Without basketball, we may have not created the bond we have,” said Street.

Throughout her years as a player, Street has experienced her fair share of success. The most memorable season for Street has to be her junior year, when the team advanced to Semi-State. Though the girls did not come out on top against Winchester in the Final Four battle, the season was a record breaker in terms of PHS athletics. To Street personally, her favorite memory is winning the Regional of that record-breaking season in the Paoli gymnasium.

It was a great feeling to know the whole town was behind you and was happy for your success. The gym was packed, and it was overall a great atmosphere,” said Street.

As Street retires from basketball following her graduation, she wants to leave the current girls basketball players some words of wisdom for years to come.

“The practices are going to be hard, and things may not always go your way, but when things get tough, you need to be able to count on your teammates, and they need to be able to do the same with you. If you continue to work hard and do the things you need to do, good things will happen,” said Street.

Following high school graduation, Street plans to attend Indiana University Bloomington and major in psychology, specifically child psychology.


Story by Jace Ingle