Throwback Feature: Street Recalls PHS


PHS alumnus Kyle Street graduated in 2016. Since graduating, Street is currently working toward earning his degree in finance from Indiana University. He plans to graduate from Indiana University in May 2019.

During his time at PHS, Street believes three specific people shaped him into the person he is today. Those people include English teacher Carol Fullington, basketball coach Dusty Cole and his mother, Pam Street.

Ms. Fullington helped prepare me for what college work would be like. Coach Cole showed me hard work pays off and made sure everyone was giving 100% at anything they did. My mom made sure I was responsible and getting my work done,” said Street.

Fullington was an influential teacher and among one of Street’s favorites. She was always understanding and willing to help any student who needed it.

“She challenged all her students with every assignment but was also fair in letting people get the work done. She was also focused on a kid’s future and would go out of her way to help anyone,” said Street.  

Throughout high school, Street was a member of the boys basketball team, the tennis team, the golf team, National Honor Society and Student Council.

My favorite memories in general were just hanging out with different groups of friends. I have a lot of moments with several different people,” said Street.

Street was extremely busy through his four years of high school. Many of his days were filled with long practices, school work and spending time with family. This busy schedule made Street realize the importance of time management, along with many other lessons, and Street took them with him when he went on to college.

“While I was in high school, I learned a lot about time management and the importance of getting school work done early,” said Street.

Street also became accustomed to going out of his way to talk to new people. All three of these things have stuck with Street as he continued his education as a finance major. He choose this path because going into finance felt as if it was a well rounded major and would allow him to work in many different areas.

After graduating from Indiana University, Street hopes to become a financial advisor or have a job in operation management in a bigger city.

Although Street participated in all activities he wanted to, he does wish he would have done some things differently.

I wish back then I would have went out of my way to talk to more people that weren’t in the same clubs or on the same teams. Coming to school taught me that people have a lot of different experiences and interests, and you can start to like the same things from hearing about them,” said Street.

Throughout his four years, Street was able to gain confidence and get involved. He hopes kids in high school today are able to do the same thing.

“If you think a club or activity sounds like fun or you just want to try it, then do it. It’s a lot easier to get involved when you know the people around the organization, so go for it. Just have the confidence to do things you want to do,” said Street.


Story by Madison Street