New Books Coming to Library Bookshelves


Gaining new additions to the school library selection is a rare occurrence. It has been three years since the last order of books, so it is safe to say Librarian Brenda Eubank and the students were long overdue for some new content.

The PHS library had Overdrive, a digital reading format, but it was not being used the way Eubank had hoped it would be. Because of this, when there was enough money available to her to allow her to do so, Eubank decided to make a rather large physical copy purchase of seventy books.

“I hadn’t ordered any new physical books for three years because we were using Overdrive, which is the digital format, and that just wasn’t being used. It was in the budget for us this year to order some books,” said Eubank.

These books range from fiction to nonfiction, most of them falling under the former genre. The students were able to send in their requests to Eubank, which she tried to cover evenly, not getting every single book asked for, but attempting to get similar novels so there was a little bit of everything for everyone.

“What I try to do is balance by genre and by reading level, and I look at lexile range a little bit, interest level. You just try to balance all of that, balance it with the collection you already have,” said Eubank.

Eubank put in the order to Perma-Bound on February 5, so she hopes to receive the books around mid-March. When they come in, Eubank is expecting to see new faces around the library as well as her frequent readers.

“I think I’ll get some more readers, but the readers I have were just dying for some new books,” said Eubank.

Eubank is hoping to attract new students and keep those she considers regulars interested. A way she is doing this is by ordering series, which seem to be what the students are wanting, even though she dislikes buying them because if one book is lost, it is ruined for everyone.

By catering to students’ wants, Eubank hopes to give them the motivation to start reading or continue to do so with books they actually enjoy immersing themselves in.


Story by Masden Embry