Avery Owens Serves Through Youth Council


Junior Avery Owens has a love for helping in any way she can and has the greatest opportunity to do so through the Orange County Youth Council, created by the Orange County Community Foundation.

“I enjoy helping people and being involved in the community, so I knew this would be a good opportunity to be involved in many things locally,” said Owens.

Owens got involved with Youth Council her eighth grade year, after she applied during one of PHS’s annual club fairs. After a short interview, she was accepted.

“My favorite thing about Youth Council is knowing I am doing good things within our community. I also love getting to meet new people,” said Owens.

The Orange County Youth Council is comprised of all three county schools, Orleans, Paoli and Springs Valley. Members meet once a month to discuss upcoming events and ways they can help the community. During these meetings, a monthly donation is also collected.

“We help former Judge Blanton hold banquets for the varsity basketball teams in Orange County, donate to many local businesses such as the Humane Society, ring bells for the Salvation Army and many other things,” said Owens.

On top of service in the community, Youth Council members are also expected to explain Youth Council to seventh graders to encourage them to join their eighth grade year and talk to the fourth grade students at Throop Elementary about what philanthropy is and what it means to them.

“I absolutely love teaching fourth graders because I like getting the opportunity to get in front of young people and teach them about all the good they can do in our community, even at a young age,” said Owens.

Every holiday season, the Youth Council gets together and ring bells outside of Walmart. While there, they sing Christmas carols.

“My favorite things we do with the Youth Council are ringing bells for the Salvation Army and teaching fourth graders,” said Owens.

For Owens, Youth Council means a place she can help our community.

“Being in the Orange County Youth Council is very fulfilling and makes my heart full,” said Owens.


Story by Rebekah Reeves