Student Council Brings Back School-wide Tag Event


Recently, members of the Student Council decided to host the old traditional PHS game of spoon tag. Spoon tag hasn’t been played since 2016. 

Spoon Tag is like a school wide battle royale. This year, it will be played with slap bracelets instead of spoons because of COVID. The game master, senior Kyra Gegner, will assign everyone a person they have to tag with their bracelet. 

“Targets can be from any grade, forcing players to gather information and figure out who their target is. Tagging can occur in the hallways during passing periods, the cafeteria, and before and after school on school grounds, but cannot occur in classrooms at any time – to prevent disruption – or off school grounds,” said Gegner. 

It is suggested to try and remain anonymous. To be ‘safe’ from their tagger, students will have to put their bracelet on, but they are not allowed to wear it all day. The Secret Police, who are teachers and other staff who aren’t actively participating that monitor the game, can report you to the game master if you leave your bracelet on all day and your bracelet will be taken for a class period (two passing periods). ‘Cleaners’ may be assigned to tag you out if you are not participating in the game. Players are only permitted to have two tags a day and may only tag their assigned target. Once a student has tagged their target, they will take their bracelet and email the game master their target’s bracelet number as confirmation and will then be assigned their target’s target. Once you get tagged you are out of the game. The game will keep going until there is one player left and they will receive a prize. 

“[The Student Council Members] were the ones that brought it to my attention, I had never even heard of this game before. They explained it and thought that it would be a great way to make this not-so-normal school year a little more fun. I am extremely excited about it. I think it will be a great opportunity for students to engage with each other and have fun,” said Student Council Sponsor Jaxon Cronin. 

Student council members will have signup sheets for bracelets for $2.

Story by Angie Ceja