Blog: Pigg’s Passion for Fashion

Hi, I’m Taylor Pigg, welcome to my new fashion blog! To me, fashion is EVERYTHING. Every girl wants to look and feel like a Diva. In this blog, I will be telling you things I like and dislike about fashion. I will also be giving suggestions about “What to Wear” and how to wear it cheap. I am open to all opinions and suggestions.

Message me on Facebook or leave suggestions in Mrs. Nichols’s room. Below are some of my future topics. Check it out!

“This week, who’s Rockin’ it?”

This will consist of me taking pictures of students who rock their wardrobe. This can include things such as jewelry, shoes, outfits, make-up and hair styles.

“Trends worth Trying”

I will be giving suggestions and throwing together new trends and outfits.

“Cheap Fashion”

I will be giving suggestions on where to shop, and how to wear your trendy style, cheap!

“Favorite Outfit of the Day”

I will choose one outfit that I like that day, take a picture of the person, and tell why I like it.