Holocaust survivor to speak at PHS Thursday

Special Presentation
Reimar Schultze –
A holocaust survivor recounts his amazing story.

Paoli High School Auditorium
Thursday, February 16, 2012
7 p.m.

You won’t want to miss this unique opportunity!

Reimar Schultze was born in Germany during the Nazi regime. Some of Schultze’s earliest memories are of the Allied bombings in Hamburg, Germany where he lived as a young boy. Not only did the Schultze family have to survive these attacks, but they were also in grave danger being a partly Jewish family living under the Nazi regime. Schultze and some of his family survived the air raids and the Russian attacks against the German refugee ships as well as two years in a detention camp. While these circumstances brought despair to most, Schultze was given a unique answer to the question that haunted so many, “Who is responsible for all this?”

Reimar Schultze now lives in Kokomo, Indiana with his wife of fifty years. He is an evangelist with a world-wide radio and print ministry. Schultze is part of the last generation to have experienced the holocaust first-hand.