Walker’s Book Review: Marked

Marked is the first book in the House of Night series and is written by P.C. and Kristin Cast.

This book is about a girl, Zoey, who is trying to survive the change into a vampire. Teenagers that have the mark (half-crescent moon) are considered young vampires (fledglings) and go to a four-year school to help them survive the change. While she is there, she deals with all of the drama of a normal high school years, meets friends and some enemies and discovers that she is much more than an average fledgling.

I really enjoyed this book. I thought that it might be like the book Twilight, but it is something completely different. I like how the authors included the everyday high school life into the book. It really helped the readers connect to the character, since most readers are high-school age. I also enjoyed how they made the main character stand out in the school, and have her overcome her obstacles in a whole new way.

The thing I didn’t like is the way Zoey had to overcome her obstacles. She had to become one of the “bad guys” to help change the school. I really did not want to see that happen, but it worked out in the end.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes a good fictional story that has some mystery in it, and even a little romance. I do warn that this is a book that is more for an audience that can handle more mature scenes. This book is worth the money and will have one wanting to read all of the others.

Review by Emma Walker