Red Cross Bloodmobile

For 30 plus years, The FCCLA has sponsored the Red Cross Bloodmobile to come to Paoli High School so that students can have the opportunity to donate blood. On April 4, various students and staff members took time out of their days to donate blood. A person normally only donates one pint of blood at a time.

A student had to meet certain requirements before they could donate. Along with having to answer multiple health questions, a student had to be 17 years of age and weigh at least 110 pounds. A student 16 years of age could also donate blood but a parent’s signature was needed.

The Red Cross Bloodmobile collected 68 pints total with the help of teachers Susanne Crane and Kristi Price. Every pint of blood drawn helps at least three people.

Blood donation to the Red Cross is an ongoing event and the Paoli students and staff helped over 204 adults and children around the world.

Info by Brooklyn Dotts